Bringing the warmth of traditional Japanese culture to the lives of people around the world.

We will inherit the Japanese tradition and pride of the ancients and establish a new Japan design that blends into the lives of people around the world. And we will spread the charm, new value and beauty of Japan to the world.

Create a new Japan design specialty store that represents the world.

The first theme is"kimono"



Create new value from Japan to the world.

New value and beauty in fashion
Sustainable manufacturing and ethical action
Polite living and joyfulness in nature and daily life
Thinking of the other person, a heart of hospitality
Tradition × IT / technology



Redesigned the finest antique kimono and obi made about 100 years ago. Hidden traditional Japanese history. Delivering the ultimate product to people around the world.

Manami Sakurai / Product designer

From the Meiji era to the Taisho era, weaving, embroidery and tailoring were all done by hand. Therefore, the craftsman's personality can be seen from the way of sewing. When spreading obi on tatami mats I imagine who was using it. I redesign obi which was sleeping in the storage room into a form that is easy to use in daily life and revive it in today’s life.Each obi pattern has its own meaning. Chrysanthemum patterns wishing for longevity and Tachibana patterns wishing for progeny prosperity, etc. Please enjoy such Obi patterns.

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We will continue to develop new brands.

Hiroyuki Koshi
( ISSEN store owner / Business producer )

Japan has many wonderful traditional cultural heritage and traditional craft techniques. Today, the traditional culture and heritage left in each region are steadily declining without being transmitted to the world.
Based on Japan's "Mottainai Culture," I would like to convey the charm of Japan that will be passed on to the future and the world as the mission of one Japanese person. I would like to spread the word to the world through "ISSEN" and exhibitions abroad.