Re-Design Haori - Tokyo Somekomon Models

Ishizuka Senkō and Edo Komon, inheriting traditions from the Edo period.

Ishizuka Senkō is a family of Japanese dyeing craftsmen, and is a dyeing studio based in Hachioji, Tokyo. Ishizuka Senkō has a history that dates back to the Edo period and is known for its traditional techniques and beautiful dyed products. They mainly produce patterns called Edokomon.
Edo Komon is a type of dyeing that developed during the Edo period, and was a favorite of upper-class women. Edo Komon is characterized by its pattern of repeating small patterns, and is characterized by its delicate and gorgeous design. It is often dyed by hand using traditional techniques, and you can enjoy rich colors and delicate patterns.

Looking to the future while inheriting the traditional Japanese dyeing culture.

While preserving the traditional manufacturing method of Edo Komon, Ishizuka Senkō also develops new designs that meet modern styles and demands. Their works are enjoyed not only for Japanese clothing, but also for western clothing and fashion items.
Ishizuka Senkō and Edo Komon have inherited the traditional Japanese dyeing culture, while creating wonderful works that meet modern styles and demands.

These are custom-made products that are made from rolls of haori according to the customer's size.

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