A new story of kimono
created by you.

Pre-loved vintage kimonos bling back to life.

Bringing vintage kimonos back to life.

Wearing Japanese traditional culture.

Welcome to ISSEN

At ISSEN, we redesign kimono and other traditional Japanese items so that they suit the modern, global society. We make it easy for people around the world to enjoy and feel connected to the traditional Japanese culture in their daily lives. Our first redesigned product is Haori* made from vintage kimonos.

*A Haori is a traditional Japanese garment worn over a kimono.

A Re-design Haori that captivates you at first sight.

Rare, vintage kimonos have transformed into Haori, while maintaining the beauty of traditional patterns and color schemes.

You will feel like you are wearing a kimono but in a casual style.

Various models of Re-Design Haori are being released.

All models feature gender-free designs.

Types of Re-Design Haori designs


Model without opening in furisode part.

See prtoducts


A model with an opening on the furisode part.

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Reversible model - A model that can be worn on both sides

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Types of vintage kimonos used for Re-Design Haori


A redesigned model of the black kimono, known to be the most prestigious

See prtoducts


A redesigned model ofthe gorgeous kimono worn by young women for coming-of-age ceremonies

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A redesigned model of kimono worn by brides, geisha, and in formal occasions.

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In addition to ready-made vintage kimono models, we also have made-to-order models.

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