About Issen

At Issen, we design and manufacture redesigned products* such as vintage kimonos and distribute them worldwide.

Japan boasts beautiful kimonos that are no longer used in the modern days, as well as dyeing and weaving techniques that have been handed down locally. However, in Japan where Western culture is firmly established, there is little demand for them. It is also because these are difficult to use today as they are. We redesign and commercialize these important Japanese assets, while paying respect to traditional culture and techniques, so that they can be easily incorporated into modern lives. In our online shop, you can find Haori and other Japanese traditional and cultural items that can readily be enjoyed in your daily lives.

*What are Re-design products?
Re-design is to “optimize” the “finished design”. To be more specific, kimono and obi, which are Japanese cultural assets, are finished products that many people in Japan inherit from their ancestors and keep stored in their wardrobes, but few wear them as they are.
We “optimize” these assets into items (products) that people around the world can enjoy on a daily basis. We define this business model as “Re-design”.

We strive to deepen ties with people around the world through Japanese traditional culture's redesigned products.

The world is chaotic due to wars, conflicts, COVID-19, etc. In times of chaos, empathy, gratitude, and compassion are important. Our redesigned product "Haori" utilizes rare vintage kimonos handcrafted long ago by artisans. They are decorated with stunning colors and exceptionally beautiful, captivating traditional patterns. The traditional patterns on kimonos express people's wishes, such as good harvest, good luck, child growth, family health and longevity, academic achievement, family safety, prosperity of descendants, and improvement in performing arts. Through our products and their traditional patterns, we hope that people around the world will recall such wishes of our ancestors and enjoy Japanese traditional culture.

We want to convey traditional Japanese culture,
including kimono, to the world in a form that fits modern times.

Experience the Authentic Japan Up Close

Japan is rich in wonderful traditional cultural heritages and traditional craft techniques. However, such traditional cultural techniques and heritages that remain in each region are steadily declining before being known to the world. When I was a student, I studied various craftsmanship both in Japan and overseas, and have been involved in creative work for many years. I understand the beauty of manufacturing. In the age of sustainability, I believe that my mission is to take advantage of the "Mottainai Culture" of my own country, and convey the charms of Japan that should be passed on to the future generations.

Hiroyuki Koshi

Store Owner/Re-design Producer

Store and Brand Logo Design


Calligrapher/Artist/Professor at Osaka University of Arts

Sisyu evolves the traditions of calligraphy to media art, sculptures, paintings, and brings out the emotions and reasons contained in each character. Her style is a truly unique form of contemporary art, and spreads the Japanese philosophy and culture to the world.